Welcome to Kadena High School's Panther Net

To visit the Public Access site which does not require a log-in click here--->https://kdhs.pac.dodea.edu/PA
You will still need the certificate shown below if you get a certificate error from this page.

In order to comply with DOD Security Guidelines, the URL for the secure PantherNet site has changed to:
To log into this site:
       Username:   Firstname.LastName    Password:  Kdhs%##### where ##### represents the LAST 5 digits of the student number.

You may receive a warning message about accessing our site from home.  Various web browsers will offer you different warning messages.
Please follow these steps to access our secure site.
If the message makes reference to a Security Certificate problem or error you will need to download and install the DOD security certificate.

If your computer is less than two years old it is most likely a 64 bit machine.
Click here to get the certificate for a 64 bit windows machine---->  Install Root 3.16Ax64  

Otherwise if you think you have an older 32 bit machine:
Click here to get the certificate for a 32 bit windows machine-----> Install Root 3.16A

You may then get a Security Warning, if so, just click on the >

Download each of the certificates listed below by clicking on their link.
For each link, do the following:
    1. Hold down the "Control/CTRL" button on your keyboard and click on the link.
    2. Choose "Save Link As" OR "Download Linked File As" OR "Save Linked File As".
    3. Before saving the file, make sure the filename ends with the "p7b" extension only. For instance,
        if the filename is rel3_dodroot_2048.p7b.txt, edit the filename and remove ".txt" such that the
        filename becomes rel3_dodroot_2048.p7b only.
    4. Carefully note the location on your hard disk where you will be saving the file. Click "Save".
    5. If it prompts "Do you want to append ".txt" to the name?", click "Don't append".

Use the Finder to locate the files labeled rel3_dodroot_2048.p7b and dodeca.p7b.
Double-click each file, launching the KeyChain Access utility and add it to your keychain in the default location.
If you are prompted for your keychain password, enter it.
Quit Safari and open the ER site again.